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Hang gliders set up on point of the mountain Southside overlooking lake Provo. Near Salt Lake City Utah

Weather Links

National Weather Service, Salt Lake City

Broad overview of upcoming weather. Checkout the links under the "additional forecasts and information section" for more detailed forecasting


Great dynamic weather map that lets you choose different forecast models


Wind Alert

Live weather station data

Fly Utah - Soaring Forcast

Free flight specific forecasting for the region

South Side Camera

See what is happening now at the southside.


Draper UT yearly weather averages

Two hang gliders flying near each other over the Salt Lake valley

"Are you a member of the local club?"

"Oh sorry man... was I supposed to be a member?"  

Avoid that awkward moment.  Sign the waiver and pay your dues before you get here. Yes, you need to have a membership to the Utah Hang Gliders and Paragliders Association to fly here. 

You've budgeted for travel, accommodations and food, don't forget that you're flying someone else's home site. Don't be that person. You can sign up right now by following this link:

Join the club

A hang glider preparing to fly with paragliders in the background at the southside of the point of the mountain near Salt Lake City Utah.

Contact us for details

 (801) 382-8377