Fly Tandem

Tandem hang gliding flight at the point of the mountain south side near Salt Lake City Utah

Soar like a bird with one of our experienced instructors

We offer tandem flights off of the North or South side of the point of the mountain flight park depending on the weather. Just 30 minutes south of Salt lake city. After a short safety briefing you and a capable instructor will launch into the air for 10-20 minutes soaring around at one of America's most famous hang gliding locations.

Fly at one of the most famous hang gliding locales in the US

The point of the mountain is famous for its reliable lifting air currents and stunning views. Whenever the wind blows North or South between 14 and 25 miles an hour hang gliders are able to soar- maintain or increase altitude with no added thrust- and may fly for hours at a time.

As exciting as you want to make it

Many people hold the misunderstanding that hang gliding is purely an adrenaline sport. While the sensation of flight in itself is exhilarating it can also be profoundly peaceful. Many pilots fly as a way to clear their mind and escape the stress of a busy work weak. Our instructors are happy to make your flight as exciting or serene as you would like them too. We also make an effort to be as transparent about flying conditions as possible. If you want a peaceful flight we won't make you fly on a turbulent day and if you want a more exciting flight we won't make you fly when the conditions don't allow for much creativity.

Share your experience with friends and family

Our instructors will take photos and video of your experience that you will have the option to purchase after your experience. Photos and videos can be downloaded directly to your phone or other smart device or may be emailed to you.

A smooth tandem flight on the North Side of the point of the mountain.