Learn to fly with us

An instructor guides a hang gliding student in for a soft landing at the point of the mountain near Salt Lake City Utah

Learn to fly with us

Our hang gliding training program is designed to take you from having no experience in a hang glider to receiving your novice pilot rating at whatever pace is right for you. Our experienced instructors will work with you through a combination of solo, tandem, and ground school training to safely and effectively build your skills as a pilot.

A student learning to hang glide at the Southside point of the mountain near Salt Lake City Utah

Fly solo on your first day!

The first lesson you'll learn how to setup a hang glider, how to ground handle, and how to launch and perform basic flight controls. The morning starts at the top of the hill where we work with you to set up a hang glider and perform the pre-flight safety checks. We will show you how to kite the glider and control it while on the ground. After you are comfortable with the basics we will take you to the bottom of the hill and simulate launching the glider a few times until you are ready to start getting light on your feet. From there we'll start moving you up the hill and give you the opportunity to actually fly the glider by yourself!

A hang glider with lone peak in the background

Learn to fly at your own pace

After you have begun your training with us you can continue your training at whatever pace works best for you. You decide when to schedule your lessons and our instructors will work to ensure that you get the most out of your training days. People tend to learn more easily if the more frequently they train, but you are free to spread your lessons out over two years if you would like to. Your progression through our program will follow your ability to control and understand the glider. Most people are able to complete our program in 20 lessons or less.


Learning to kite a hang glider at the Southside point of the mountain flight park near Salt Lake City Utah

Let's start with your goals...

Hang gliding Utah's Point of the Mountain is the perfect place to take a refresher course or to get advanced training. 

Diving a hang glider at the southside flightpark

Up your game! Bring your skills to the next level.

Strengthen your fundamentals and apply them to big mountain flying.

Solo hang glider flying in Utah

Let's talk about your goals and develop a plan!