Price List

Come Fly With US

Intro package-$250

Looking to really get a feel for what hang gliding is about? This lesson package includes an introductory lesson and a tandem flight to really give you a taste of flight. Great for people wanting to check hang gliding off their bucket list or are considering whether they want to learn to fly. 

Includes: a half day lesson, introductory ground school, and a tandem flight. Save $35

Fledgling Package-$550

This is a great package for anyone that wants to get started with their training but is not ready to commit all the way yet, or for anyone that has already received a little flight training and wants to continue training with us. 

Includes: 5 half day lessons, discounts on tandems, the hang gliding training manual and two ground schools. Save at least $100

Wings over Wasatch Package-$1800

Want to soar like the birds? This package is the one for those who know they want to learn to hang glide and are ready to commit to becoming a pilot. This package will take almost anyone from having never touched a hang glider to their novice Hang 2 rating and soaring like a bird. With the H2 rating pilots can fly on their own without the supervision of an instructor.

Includes 20 lessons, 6 Ground schools, the hang gliding training manual, and a discount on tandem flights. Save more than $700

Customized Training -$50/hr
Do you own your own equipment? Already a rated pilot? We provide customized training, designed to help you meet your goals and become a strong pilot. 

Glider Rentals

Glider rentals include delivery to the Point of the Mountain North and South sides and return from the site. This can be a morning session at the south side or an evening session at the north side. Gliders are rented only to USHPA rated pilots, please be prepared to show your USHPA card. The pilot renting a glider assumes full financial responsibility for any damage to the glider. 

Morning or Evening Session-$60

Hang glider flying solo in Utah


Tandem Flights- $160

Soar tandem with one of our talented tandem hang gliding instructors. Experience the thrill of flight with no prior experience! Contact us now for details.

Tandem Photo/Video package-$40

Your tandem instructor will take photo and video throughout your flight which can be downloaded directly to most smartphones.  

Solo Lessons 

Half Day - $125

Full Day - $250

Includes: glider, harness, helmet, and instruction at the Point of the Mountain, Utah. Lessons are by appointment. 


Ground School -$50/hr

What topics will help you advance? You may be going back to basics, delving into mountain flying or simply honing your technique.  Video review, diagrams and discussion help you connect the dots in a beautiful and complex sport.     

Equipment Maintenance -$50/hrBent aluminium? Need to install a new leading edge? While accidents are unwanted, they still happen. Our staff are competent at replacing and repairing your glider.Sale Inspection (sail off) = 3+ hrs   

 Mountain Package & Guided Tours — TBA  

 Cross-Country Package — TBA  

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